Alas I've not received any new pictures for Wisconsin in a long long time. In a way it saddens me because I find them very interesting. Perhaps things are quieting down in the old dairy state.

One strange thing however. I keep getting odd emails from someone named mark with a lower "m"...


you Will know A truth.

soon you wIll know The truth.

then you wIll See why wE have beeN what we have been.

DarE anD.

you will know me as:


(See what I mean?)
I've copied and pasted one of his stranger rants so you can see his odd formatting for yourself.


Anonymous said…
Oh it's bad that you are sad!!
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Eric said…
Link the rest of them or send them to me. I think I see some sort of consistency even in this short message. Does he always refer to you as "truthseeker" typed the way he does?
Anonymous said…
If you take the capital letters it says "The Waits Ended" I don't know what that means , but it's a hidden sentence it seems.

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