Friday, June 5, 2009

Lights over Menasha Wisconsin on June 4 2009

Motorola Q Cell phone.
Photo by Sheri Chiaverini June 4 2009.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wisconsin Not Gulf Breeze II

I have very little info about this one. But it seems that (according to this one was taken by someone else also in Wisconsin...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wisconsin Not Gulf Breeze

I came across these a few years ago. At the time I think I had higher resolution pictures. But since I thought they were Gulf Breeze florida pictures I did not include them here. However, according to, these are actually Wisconsin photographs taken by someone named Paul Scheeler and have nothing to do with the Ed Walters version.

But then again, if Ed's were fake, what does it say about these? Still I think they are cool...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Alas I've not received any new pictures for Wisconsin in a long long time. In a way it saddens me because I find them very interesting. Perhaps things are quieting down in the old dairy state.

One strange thing however. I keep getting odd emails from someone named mark with a lower "m"...


you Will know A truth.

soon you wIll know The truth.

then you wIll See why wE have beeN what we have been.

DarE anD.

you will know me as:


(See what I mean?)
I've copied and pasted one of his stranger rants so you can see his odd formatting for yourself.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Neenah Wisconsin Disk UFO

A disk (garbage can lid?) sighted over Neenah Wisconsin.


(Click on image for larger version)

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Wisconsin Triangle UFO Pic 5

Wisconsin Triangle UFO Pic 5

Wisconsin Triangle UFO Pic 4

Wisconsin Triangle UFO Pic 4

Wisconsin Triangle UFO Pic 3

Wisconsin Triangle UFO Pic 3

Wisconsin Triangle UFO Pic 2

Picture #2

Wisconsin Triangle UFO Pic 1

As long as I'm moving on to triangles...
These pictures are close to my heart as I recieved them from a close frield a few years ago.

Seen in western Wisconsin -
Here's is his explaination...

"I had purchased a cheap digital camera and had cannibalized it to make an inexpensive CCD imaging system for my telescope. That morning I had gotten up early in the AM to try and get some pictures of Mars - which was rising early in the morning that time of year. As I recall Mars was close to Venus and it was a very pretty morning. Anyway I took a few pictures but was not pleased with the results - Mars was very small. It was also very blurry because Mars was somewhat lower on the horizon than would be desired. It was very cold, and it was just starting to get light out (although the sun was about a half hour or so from rising). Also, although the sky was clearer than normal, there were still just too many clouds. So I decided to try just a few more and then pack up. If you ever used a telescope you know that you have to constantly readjust the direction that it is pointing because as the earth turns the object that the telescope is pointing at quickly moves out of view. It was while doing this that I noticed a bright object passing slowly overhead. I assumed it was a satellite - but I thought it would be fun to try and point the telescope at it and take a picture. It took me a few moments to readjust the telescope. When I finally got it pointed at the object I was surprised to see on my LCD that through the telescope the camera picked up quite a bit of detail. I knew then that this wasn't an ordinary satellite. I was expecting just a fine point of light. However the sunlight on the object indicated (to me at least) that the object was quite high, since down on the ground it was still dark. It was quite difficult to maintain the telescope so that it remained pointed at the moving object (as you can imagine). But I managed to take about 20 pictures and fill up the memory card on my camera. Most of the pictures did not turn out very well and are horribly blurred. What I sent you is the best few."

Source: Anonymous

Monday, January 29, 2007

Waupaca UFO (Alternate Picture)

Another image of the same "craft".
(Click to enlarge)
Source MSN Group "Ufo Chasers"

Waupaca UFO

Ok, Let's forget about disks for a bit. How about this triangle seen over Waupaca Wisconsin on September 22, 2004.

What kind of aircraft is this?


Friday, January 26, 2007

Wisconsin (Weyauwega) UFO New Picture 2

Another UFO from Wisconsin.

Hmmm... this looks familiar.

But what's with the red and green navigation lights? Something fishy is going on here. Perhaps the aliens are registered with the FAA?


(Click to enlarge - it's a big one)

Wisconsin (Weyauwega) UFO 1

Here's an image recently taken in Wisconsin. Could this be the same object?

(click to enlarge).


Wisconsin (Kaukauna) Unidentified Falling Objects

Here's some strange objects that fell from the sky in Kaukauna Wisconsin around the same timeframe.


Wisconsin (Weyauwega) UFO (Drawing)

Here's a drawing of an object seen in Wisconsin by a man driving in his car around the same time.


MSN Group "UFO and Bigfoot Sightings".

Weyauwega Wisconsin UFO (Second Picture)

There where several pictures taken that day. Here's another.

(Click to enlarge).


Weyauwega UFO February 2003 (bigger).

Yes I know what you're thinking, but zooming in shows the light is behind the branch after all (Click to enlarge).

Weyauwega Wisconsin UFO February 2003

Wisconsin has becom a hotspot for UFO activity. Here is a picture of a flying disk captured in Weyauwega Wisconsin (The Weyauwega UFO).
(Click to enlarge)